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Campanian wines and beverages


Wine // Did you know that pizza and beer is an invention of modern times? In Naples, no beer breweries were around at the time. So, pizza was traditionally combined with wine. The Campanian region is one of Italy’s oldest wine regions and has many unique kinds of grapes because of its fertile volcanic soil. Never change a winning team, right? Our prize-winning mixologist Salvatore Lioniello and sommelier Gianluca Pio honour the Campanian heritage by importing wines from the region – from both established and small-scale plantations. Our wine menu changes every so often to give all the wines their spotlight.


Beer // Rather stay in modern times and pair your pizza with a beer? No worries. We serve a selection of local beers. Because the yeast in beer doesn’t match the pizza dough, we do focus on specialty beers and more fruity flavours.


Coffee // Of course, you can end your evening with a perfect espresso. Since Italians don’t drink cappuccino after 11 AM, we do not have it on the menu. But if you use your puppy eyes, we’re sure our server can whip one up for you.


Water // We filter our own nNea water in cooperation with Made Blue and serve it in glass bottles. With 30% of the revenue, we support a good cause selected by Made Blue.