It all began with a meeting (and pizza, of course) in May 2018. A few months later, this is the team that founded nNea.

Limau A.K.A. The Entrepreneur 

If you tell Limau that something is impossible, she will find a way to make it possible. With crazy amounts of experience in running her own hospitality businesses, no challenge is big enough for her. Sitting still is not in her nature so she became the real fire behind the nNea concept. Contact Limau for business & financial enquiries Lc@nNeapizza.com

Vincenzo A.K.A. The Dough Master

Former filmmaker and artist, for him pizza is a true art form. Obsessed about transformation of matter and ingredients, his life is basically at nNea, where he tries to merge traditions of nNeapolitan recipes together with modern cuisine.

Contact Vincenzo for dough businesses.





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