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Metropolis of a

new pizza era.

After 9 months of baking nNeafrozen and pizza a Portafoglio, it’s almost time to say goodbye to our takeout concept!

We are thrilled to have you back in the restaurant and we can’t wait to welcome you back at nNea.

For the pizza a portafoglio lovers, we will keep baking on Saturday and Sunday between 12:00 and 17:00!



nNea is the New Neapolis

the metropolis for the new generation pizza

A place where true Neapolitan tradition combines with the vision of the new generation. Our pizza is a mix of passion and bakery science. Inspired by the scientific elements, we created our own. You can spot several of these icons at nNea. Watch closely and they tell you the story about the origins of Napels and the mythical siren Partenope. Following the path of the song Odissea from La Famiglia, telling old stories by using a new language – rap music. Just like nNea does with the pizza.


nNea was founded in 2019 with the opening of nNea Pizza on the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam. Centuries-old Neapolitan cuisine is brought back to modern times by reinventing the authentic recipes with new techniques and top-notch ingredients.

nNea was elected in 2020 

no.6 in 50 TOP PIZZA Europe.





Napoli, 18th century – pizza was born. Traditional dough masters laid the foundation for the recipe of the authentic Neapolitan pizza we know today. A fluffy crust made fresh with the simplest of ingredients on top. With nNea, a new generation of dough masters rose. And we think rules are meant to be broken. That is why we added bakery science and modern techniques to create a new generation of Neapolitan pizza.


Our dough lets the fermentation do the work – it rises for 50 hours before it’s shoved into the handmade Fazzone pizza oven for 80 seconds. The crust – fluffy, not crunchy - rises high while the heat forms its characteristic dark spots. Topped with the best seasonal ingredients, we see our pizza as a well-balanced dish. A perfect composition of flavours. Subbing ingredients will throw it off balance, so our chef will not allow it. He can, however, help you decide on what pizza fits your liking. Remember: cut your pizza with the scissors to help keep the fluffy crust alive.


Sustainability -  We use local products whenever we can. Even our amazing burrata is made local, which saves transportation and – god forbid – freezing. Our ingredients are valuable to us. We never waste food and run our stock while it lasts.  


Pizza is science - During closing times, we love experimenting with dough. We believe in constant innovation and therefore, our dough can be slightly different the next time you visit.



Campania is one of Italy’s oldest wine regions and has many indigenous grapes growing on an incredibly fertile soil, mostly volcanic and rich of minerals; for this reason, Romans called the region “Campania Felix” (fertile countryside).

At nNea we're all about honouring traditions and embracing a modern wave of cuisine and our pizzas complement perfectly with the ancient aromas of the regional wines. From sandy soil to dark volcanic stones, the umbrella of possibilities is a true discovery for those who haven’t experience them yet.



Tuesday to Thursday 17:30 - 22:30 H

Friday & Saturday      17:30 - 23:30 H

Sunday                         17:30 - 22:30 H

OPENING HOURS PIZZA A PORTAFOGLIO    Friday & Saturday       12:00 - 17:00 H



nNea Pizza

Bilderdijkstraat 92Hs

1053 KX Amsterdam

nNea only accepts payments by card.

Strict no cash policy!



+31 20 362 08 34 


Reservations cannot be made via phone and email.

ONLINE: We recommend that you check availability and reserve a table through our handy Formitable reservation tool on the right.


Reservations are not possible via Facebook Messenger or Instagram, reservations that we receive in this way are not answered. Keep it orderly people!

COVID - 19

As more cases are likely to occur, we’ll continue to take precautions and actions to keep our restaurant clean and ensure the well-being of our  guests and employees, following the protocols from our own health experts and RIVM guidelines. 

Your health (and ours) is our priority,  we want any guest (or employee) who is not feeling well to stay at home. 


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