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  • What does nNea stand for?
    new Neapolis - Metropolis of a new pizza era.
  • What does the TOP 50 PIZZA stand for?
    50 top pizza is the guide for the best pizzerias in the world.
  • What is so special about nNea dough?
    nNea dough is in constant development. The research started on day 0 and it doesn’t aim to stop. The characteristic of the dough is its long fermentation and rising process, which reaches a total of 50 hours of life, sometimes 70 hours. nNeadough is softer than a cloud.
  • Who are you referring to as nNea dough master?
    The brain behind our dough is the former filmmaker and artist Vincenzo Onnembo. His motto is “make mistakes faster” in order to develop immunity for obstacles. nNea represents his playground for research and development for the perfect dough, despite he believes perfection doesn’t exist.
  • Are nNea pizza suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets?
    A large part of our menu consists of vegetarian pizzas and a vegan selection.
  • Are nNea pizza suitable for gluten free diets?
    Unfortunately, our dough is not suitable for gluten free diets.
  • Can I add toppings or change ingredients?
    At nNea pizzas are created with a very precise goal to deliver certain flavours, emotions and contrasts. One ingredient less or more will result in the alteration of flavour balance, therefore modifications of our ingredients are not taken into account unless a special allergy or diet.
  • Do you sell Gift Cards?
    Yes we offer gift cards starting from € 25 here.
  • Can I have the Pizza a portafoglio not folded?
    It's the street food version of pizza and it's called a portafoglio because the fold resemble a wallet (portafoglio), a leaflet, in fact it's also called a libretto (booklet). It is believed to have been invented by pizzeria Port' Alba in Napoli around 1850 circa. Certainly there is evidence of pizza a portafoglio in a book published in 1887 written by Matilde Serao, Il ventre di Napoli. We thought you might enjoy discovering a new way of eating pizza, the old school neapolitan way. no fork and knife needed, just Bite the crust!
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